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As you can see, our website is dedicated to providing concerts tickets for all main performers. On the main page you can see pictures of hot performers, so you can pick what you like and click the name link or the red icon “See Tickets” appearing down the image. As you scroll down the page, more events will appear to you. In the left side of the page, you can see “Trending” performers that mean the hot ones at the present time.

When you make your choice, you can move to the next step to see the events listed for your performer. There you can find details about the events including the name, date, and location where the concert is taking place. The results are not all shown, but you have to click on “Show more” if you want to see more events and locations.

In the left side, you can narrow your search by checking the city you are interested in. Or you can also choose related events if you want to move to see events of other performers. And when you are done and decided what tickets you want to buy, you can click “See Tickets” appearing in the far right and move on to the next step.

After moving forward to buy your tickets, you can see more details about tickets you want to purchase including section, row, quantity, and price. You can also see a map showing location of your seats so you can have an idea where you’ll sit. There’s also another direction map showing details of how to reach the venue where the concert is held. Now after, you have all the details you want, you can move to the final process of paying for your tickets and guarantee your attendance.